Ancient Medicine: Selected Papers of Ludwig Edelstein by Ludwig Edelstein PDF

By Ludwig Edelstein

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A vintage examine of medication in antiquity, historical medication brings jointly a lot of Ludwig Edelstein's most crucial paintings on a subject matter that occupied him all through a uncommon occupation. incorporated is his widely recognized translation of and remark at the Hippocratic Oath, in addition to his different writings at the oath which exhibit how bizarre it truly is of Greek clinical concept. The booklet additionally explores the impact of empiricism and skepticism on Greek and Roman medication, the perform of anatomy and dietetics in antiquity, and the relation of historic medication to historical philosophy.

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To be sure, specialization in certain operations or diseases of certain organs was known in antiquity. 86 physicians are known to have practiced castration for purposes other than medical, cf. Littré, op. cit. , IV, pp. 6 1 8 ff. 12 Cf. Hirschberg, op. cit. , p. 30: "Eine solche Operation ging der Gilde gegen den Strich . " As he says, Wilamowitz and Diels accepted his view. So does Deich­ grãber, op. cit. , p. 3 7 , who writes : "Auch hier erhebt sich der Eid über die Sphãre der gewõhnlichen Handelsweise zu einer hõheren Auffassung u nd wieder wird dem praktischen Arzte eine Erwerbsquelle verschlossen.

YÓP••o.. Tp/nro.. • . Toii (Jlov. 20 THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH cation, it is neither the teachings of the "historical" Pythagoras, nor those of the later so-called Neo-Pythagoreans which 1 have in mind, but rather those theories and beliefs which writers of the fourth century B. C. 61 To start, then, with the analysis of that section of the ethical code which deals with the treatment of diseases proper :52 here mention is made of diet, drugs and cutting. ln a more technical language, medicine is viewed as comprising dietetics, pharmacology and surgery.

Must be sharply dist í nguished admits of no doubt a fter the studies of E. Fra n k , Plato u. d. sogenannten Pythagoreer, 1 9 2 3 . To h i m 1 a m also i n debted for his advice in many a controversial matter discussed in this paper. 62 The ethical code ca n be divided i nto two parts of which the first (cf. above , p. 5, 1 2- 18 ) outlines rules for the healing of diseases, w hereas the second (cf. above, p. 5, 1 9-23) reg ulates the physician's behav ior in ali matters indirectly connected with the treat ment, such as his relations to the patient, to the patient's fa mily , a n d so forth .

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