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Regardless of Alexander the Great's unheard of accomplishments, over the last seven years of his lifestyles, this indomitable warrior grew to become more and more unpredictable, sporadically violent, megalomaniacal, and suspicious of pals in addition to enemies. What may have brought on the sort of lamentable transformation?This biography seeks to reply to that question by way of assessing the position of alcohol in Alexander the Great's lifestyles, utilizing the determine of Dionysus as a logo of its damaging results on his psyche. the original method hired during this booklet explores a number of facets of Alexander's existence whereas preserving an old framework. The exposition of the most topic is dealt with in any such method that the biography will attract basic readers in addition to students.

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121) Philip, after unsuccessful attempts to capture Byzantium and Perinthus, headed north toward the Danube, hoping for a more profitable encounter with the Scythians. At some point Alexander, with Antipater remaining behind as regent, was summoned to join Philip and the main body of the army. He no doubt brought fresh troops, but perhaps more important was that he was given the opportunity to acquire more experience in the art of war under the direction of a master. This time Philip’s efforts were rewarded with victory and an impressive amount of booty.

Olympias protected her son’s interests with unfaltering vigilance and exercised influence on his behalf whenever the opportunity presented itself. Despite the absence of competitors with Alexander for the position of heir, Olympias’ position at the Macedonian court would remain precarious until her son became king. During Alexander’s youth she influenced his early schooling by providing a number of tutors from either Epirus or a region under Molossian influence. 75 Alexander’s bittersweet recollections of Leonidas suggest that this mentor may have been just as demanding and austere as his namesake, who was famous for sacrificing himself and his fellow Spartans at Thermopylae in 480.

Alexander’s friends may actually have played on his insecurities in order to draw attention to their own vigilance and devotion to him. Leonnatus, Perdiccas, and Attalus144 (not Cleopatra’s uncle, later Perdiccas’ brother-in-law) can be counted among those close, personal friends who, for whatever reason, were not exiled. The first two would figure prominently in Alexander’s later exploits and plans. 32 ALEXANDER THE GREAT: THE INVISIBLE ENEMY Leonnatus was a member of Alexander’s inner circle of friends and later became one of his Royal Bodyguards, an elite corps of seven men who guarded the king.

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