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Invoice Yenne's "Alexander the nice" is a part of the "The global Generals Series". Like different books within the sequence, Alexander the nice, is written in a simple, chronological demeanour. there's little hypothesis or conjecture by means of the writer. while, old resources vary, Yenne says whatever, Plutarch acknowledged it happend "this method" yet Nicomedia stated it occurred "this different way."

However, what inspired this reviewer used to be now not with how a lot old resources differed, yet how related used to be their telling of the tale. for example, all assets appear to agree as to the identify of Alexander's favourite horse, while entered Babylon, how a long way he marched his military and so forth.

In his telling of the tale of Alexander, Yenne makes comparaions among Alexanders' state of affairs to occasions within the sleek period. those comparasions make the dry proof (such because the order of conflict) turn into extra attention-grabbing and proper.

To underscore releveance to the fashionable period, Yenne's Alexander the nice comes with a brief introdution via common Wesley Clark. Clark wishes the reader to be see how Alexander was once nice a "quaterback". How he marshalled his forces. How he used to be in a position to learn "defenses." How, like an exceptional quaterback, he used to be capable of use intution to utilize a serious siutation.

However, as Yenne indicates us, Alexander the good was once even more than a "quaterback." not like many different historic, or even sleek, generals, Alexander wasn't afraid to be a mentor to his subordiantes. He was once additionally an complete engineer; he capable of finding particular technical strategies to difficult tactical sitautions. He used to be additionally really a diplomat; he used to be in a position to flip enemies into allies. additional, he used to be means prior to his time culturally. not like different conquerors, he really liked customs no longer his personal. As Yenne exhibits us, Alexander used to be "great" in lots of methods along with being an excellent "quaterback."

Scholars may want extra element, yet as slightly below 2 hundred pages, Yenne's Alexander the good, was once lengthy sufficient to offer the reviewe a transparent figuring out of 1 of the nice personages of heritage, yet with out an excessive amount of over the top element or scholarly remark.

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In order to march his troops to the Mediterranean coastline from the Anatolian Plateau of central Asia Minor, Alexander needed to cross the Taurus Mountains, and there was essen42 Ω ALEXANDER THE GREAT tially only one place to do this efficiently. Darius noted that Alexander would have to pass through what was known in antiquity as the Cilician Gates. Now known as Gülek Pass, the 3,400-foot pass is traversed by the six-lane E90 superhighway. In October 333 BC, it was traversed by the equivalent—an important and much-used caravan highway.

Mallus was at the nine o’clock position, and Issus was at one o’clock. Sochoi was due east of the three o’clock position. Near the two o’clock position, the gulf was fed by a stream then known as the Pinarus River, whose precise modern equivalent is subject to debate. As at the Cilician Gates, terrain around the Gulf of Issus was destined to be an important factor when the two sides met. The coastal plain in the area was relatively narrow, just a few miles wide, and crowded between the Mediterranean and the steep Amanus Mountains.

They became too busy fighting the Greco-Macedonian center to worry about their own left flank—to their own peril. Darius had lightly packed his cavalry on his left in the foothills because he didn’t expect a cavalry fight in that sector. Therefore, Alexander’s Companions were able to rout them and send them running. This meant that the Companions were now able to outflank the Persian center. It was a classic Macedonian maneuver. Alexander led a hammer that slammed the Persian phalanx against the anvil of his own phalanx.

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