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I guess is having the power to do absolutely anything you want not necessarily a good thing. Remember, although I’dyet. conquered half the world, I wasn’t even 30 years old One thing I learned in India was to keep clear of the rampaging war elephants. nto India 32 But there was no time for moping around. India was waiting. s Although we won the battle, I was impressed by Poru and left him in charge of his lands. My plan was to keep going into the new lands, but my army let me down. They just refused to go any further.

L sing he p ot There were even plots to get rid of me, their glorious leader. I used one as an excuse to kill my father’s old blood general Parmenion and his son. The army needed new in charge, so a bit of old blood had to be spilled. The high mountains of the Hindu Kush tested my army’s strength and toughness. u We followed him across the high mountains of the Hind bly Kush. Finally, we caught up with Bessus. It was proba a bit harsh to cut off his nose and ears before killing him, but that was the Persian custom.

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