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Filling a huge hole in scholarship, this can be the 1st full-length learn of the Athenian flesh presser Aeschines. besides Isocrates, Aeschines was once some of the most well-known Athenian politicians who encouraged pleasant ties with the Macedonian king Philip II. even though overshadowed by means of his recognized rival Demosthenes, Aeschines performed a key position within the decisive occasions that marked the increase of Macedonian strength in Greece and shaped the transition from the Classical to the Hellenistic interval. 3 lengthy speeches by way of Aeschines, all introduced in court docket battles together with his opponent Demosthenes, were preserved and supply us with precious information regarding Athenian politics in the course of an immense turning element in Greek background. This research of Aeschines' political profession examines the reliability of court docket speeches as old proof and indicates how they assist exhibit how democratic associations truly functioned in Athens whilst confronted with the increase of Macedonian energy.

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Family, Early Career, and Start in Politics 25 forced to earn money as a mercenary in Asia. For the moment we will leave aside the question of just how poor Atrometus was, but at this point we can safely conclude that he was not in the liturgical class. This probably held true for Glaucothea's family as well. At the trial of Ctesiphon in 330 Demosthenes once more attacked Aeschines' parents. This time his insults grew more vicious. Demosthenes charges Atrometus was originally a slave named Tromes, "Trembler," and used to work for a certain Elpias, who taught school near the temple of Theseus.

56 The political patron who launched Aeschines on his career in the Assembly appears to have been Phocion. Aeschines came to the attention of Phocion during the Athenian campaign on Euboea in 348. In that year, Plutarch of Eretria asked the Athenians to ward off the threat of his neighbor Callias of Chalcis. The Assembly granted his request and sent a force of hoplite and cavalry to Euboea under the command of Phocion. Aeschines joined the expedition, possibly as a volunteer. He was about forty-two at the time, and men thirty-five and older were usually called up only in emergencies.

In the west the Illyrians were preparing to follow up their victory over Perdiccas with an invasion of Macedonia. One of the Thracian kings to the east was supporting the pretender Pausanias. 6 Philip dealt with these threats one by one. Instead of meeting Pausanias in a pitched battle, Philip sought to weaken him by winning over the Thracian king who was backing him. The Thracian king accepted the gifts Philip offered him and in return withdrew his support from Pausanias, whose campaign for the throne soon collapsed.

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