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By Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

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This ebook provides a finished evaluate of the excellent advances noticeable in atomic physics over the last 50 years. The authors clarify how such growth used to be attainable through highlighting connections among advancements that happened at various occasions. They speak about the recent views and the recent study fields that glance promising. The emphasis is positioned, now not on unique calculations, yet fairly on actual rules. Combining either theoretical and experimental issues, the e-book can be of curiosity to a variety of scholars, lecturers and researchers in quantum and atomic physics.

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For each of these possible positions of the center of mass, however, the size of the atom characterized by the electron-nucleus distance r is very small compared to λL , so that the electric dipole approximation is always valid. 16) where ni is the initial number of photons in the mode i and we have taken the expansion of A in plane waves. 16) would ext ext be replaced by ψfin | χm (R ) |ψin . The matrix element involving the field operator √ a ˆi is equal to ni , so that the probability of absorbing a photon is proportional to the number ni of the incident photons.

1992b)]. 4 If we consider single photon transitions, the last term of Eq. 11), quadratic in A, can be ignored. For a neutral one electron atom, the index j can take only two values j = 1, 2, and we have q1 = −q2 = q, so that: q1 q2 p1 p2 HI ≃ − p1 · A (r1 ) − p2 · A (r2 ) = −q · A (r1 ) − · A (r2 ) . 12) m1 m2 m1 m2 The atom-field interactions considered in this book correspond to situations where the wavelength of the field, λL , is very large compared to the size of the atom, a. The long wavelength approximation consists of neglecting the variation of the field over distances on the order of a.

Strongly interacting many-body systems In Chap. 26, we describe a few effects that appear in quantum gases when interactions are too strong to allow a mean-field description, and which present interesting connections with other similar effects (Josephson effect, superfluid- Mott insulator transition, BEC-BCS crossover). • Extreme light In Chap. 27, we focus on examples that show how the interplay between basic and applied research has allowed the realization, in table-top experimental set-ups, of laser sources with unprecedented performances.

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