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The Symposium at the present country and customers of arithmetic was once held in Barcelona from June thirteen to June 18, 1991. Seven invited Fields medalists gavetalks at the improvement in their respective learn fields. The contents of all lectures have been accrued within the quantity, jointly witha transcription of a around desk dialogue held in the course of the Symposium.

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P. L. R. 95 [4] Bacon D, Moffatt J, Edwards L, Fitzpatrick M E and Tarrant A D 2004 Proc. 5th Conf. on Engineering of Sport (Davis, CA, 13–16 September 2004, p 216 [5]. J. Hand, , Journal of Materials Science, Vol 37. No. 5, pp. 955–961, 2002. K. A. T. D. Keck, J Mater Sci 26 (1991) p. 447 [7] Clyne T W and Withers P J 1993 An Introduction to Metal Matrix Composites (Cambridge: Cambridge UniversityPress) p 318 [8] Akimov V V and Evanov N A 2002 J. Appl. Mech. Tech. 341 [9] Gao Y, Zhou Z and He F 2008 Proc.

The reaction and spinel layer on SiC were illustrated in Fig. 3, as follows : Mg2+ + 2e Mg (3) Al3+ + 3e Al (4) Mg + 2 Al + 2O2 MgAl2O4 (5) Figure 3 : Mechanism of MgAl2O4 layer on SiC surface after heating at 400°C. A. Aguilar and Martinez [11] reported that the addition of Mg up to 3wt% contributed to formation of spinel phase (MgAl2O4) at 400°C as interfacial reaction when SiC mixed with Al. 2wt% Mg content, in spite of SiO2 was also found on the surface of SiC analysed by XRD. Bondan Tiara Sofyan 47 Microstructural Analyisis of SiC Coating The microstructure of thin spinel layer on SiC surface was seen rough and some cracks were found when analysed at high magnification (Fig.

Various aluminium armours have been developed; for instance, 5083-H116 via the cryomilling technique [3-4], and aluminium laminate patents [5-7]. One method for improving the mechanical properties of aluminium alloy is 28 Advanced Materials Research QiR 12 through manipulating the Mg and Cu content, according to Dons, et al. [8]. Sorensen, et al. [9] studied high velocity impact characteristics with 2100m/s using low density projectiles on a 7039 aluminium plate. To improve ballistic characteristics, other materials, such as steel wire, can strengthen aluminium alloys.

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