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N, p)Mg ; from Si (n, ar)Mg P o s s i b l e i n t e r f e r e n c e from Na (n, y)Na j from Al (n, a)Na 25 (n, p)Na No apparent i n t e r f e r e n c e . Mg (n, v)Mg 2 x 10" K32 p 2 I H46 P 2 | P o s s i b l e i n t e r f e r e n c e from Al Mg T16I H46 ng. 46 MAGNESIUM |Mg (or, p)Al Determination of Mg using 5. 3 Mev ar*s from a 160-mc Po if direct counting technique used; E |Mg(p, )Na 2 source; B and AI interfere ^ 4 Mev. Ol 0 4 S67 Excitation function from E (~ 7 Mev) to 31 Mev; E 25 |Mg Z = 12 ^ 15 Mev; cr(15) ~- 70 mb.

G9 0 3 Excitation function from 0. 8 Mev to 5. 0 Mev; E . 75 Mev; E = 1 . 75) = 0. 15 b ; 7 th P σ ( 5 . 4 b. 9 8 Be 7 (v,n)Be la H6 T2 Non-destructive determination of Be in o r e s by d i r e c t counting of photo-neutrons using an 124 "»-1 curie Sb s o u r c e with a sensitivity of 1 ppm; B, Cd, and other neutron a b s o r b e r s m a y interfere. 0 m b . 9 7 Be (p, t)Be or 9 7 Be (p, p2n)Be Excitation function from 14 Mev to 160 Mev; E,, < 14 Mev; E = 18. 5 Mev and 55 Mev; ' th ' p ' σ(18. 5) = 12 m b ; σ(22) = 9 m b ; cr(55) = 12 m b .

11 C (y,n)C D e t e r m i n a t i o n of C b y x - r a y Lll irradiation. E x c i t a t i o n f u n c t i o n f r o m E ^ ( 18. 7 M e v ) t o 2 6 0 M e v ; tn MVT13 L~ 1 3 # C (p,n)N Ll2. 11 C (p,pn)C c 1 2 (d,t)c n LCl 2 (a, . ll cm)Cr B57 D e t e r m i n a t i o n of C i n B e w i t h a s e n s i t i v i t y of - l 6 0 p p m . E P = 2 2 . 5 M e v ; A v e r a g e σ ( 2 2 . 5) = 10 m b . A3 B27 Excitation function f r o m E ( 3 . 23 M e v ) to 6 . 8 M e v ; E > 6. 8 M e v ; σ ( 6 . 8) = 2 0 0 m b .

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