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An intermediate water level in the hot leg may exist under shutdown conditions for some plants. For such states, detailed modelling is needed. This could possibly be done by existing codes with a sufficiently modular structure. The sensitivity to the nodalization needs to be checked. Attention should be paid to the input data with regard to pressure differences developing in the primary circuit during the initial states of shutdown conditions. Pressure differences are of great importance in determining flow rates and water levels in the loops.

Generally, the course of boron dilution accidents strongly depends on: — The formation of a slug with reduced boron concentration; 41 — Mixing of the slug with the primary coolant during its transport to the core; — Reactor power excursion due to propagation of the slug into the core. Inadvertent positive reactivity insertion to the core may lead to recriticality and a power increase in the core. e. e. CR ejection). While for slow accidents there is typically a sufficient time margin for a timely isolation of the source of non-borated water from the primary circuit, for rapid accidents the power increase and its consequences can be serious, even if reactor scram occurs.

Such events belong to the category of accidents, and therefore acceptance criteria Nos (4)–(8) in Section 3 apply. For some designs it is, however, possible to comply even with the more stringent criteria, Nos (1)–(3), for this type of accident. 2. Specific suggestions for analysis Typically, the analysis needs to be performed for both HFP and HZP operational states, with and without MCPs running. Reactivity feedback coefficients (in absolute values) are to be selected for the EOC with the aim of maximizing the possibility of returning to criticality.

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