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Study and improvement of excessive strength accelerators all started in 1911.
(1) improvement of excessive gradient dc and rf accelerators,
(2) fulfillment of excessive box magnets with very good box quality,
(3) discovery of transverse and longitudinal beam focusing principles,
(4) invention of excessive strength rf sources,
(5) development of ultra-high vacuum technology,
(6) attainment of excessive brightness (polarized/unpolarized) electron/ionsources,
(7) development of beam dynamics and beam manipulation schemes, similar to beam injection, accumulation, sluggish and speedy extraction, beam damping and beam cooling, instability suggestions, laser-beam interplay and harvesting instability for top brilliance coherent photon source.

The affects of the accelerator improvement are evidenced by means of the numerous ground-breaking discoveries in particle and nuclear physics, atomic and molecular physics, condensed subject physics, biology, biomedical physics, nuclear drugs, clinical treatment, and business processing. This booklet is meant for use as a graduate or senior undergraduate textbook in accelerator physics and technology. it may be used as preparatory direction fabric in graduate accelerator physics thesis learn. The textual content covers historic accelerator improvement, transverse betatron movement, synchrotron movement, an advent to linear accelerators, and synchrotron radiation phenomena in low emittance electron garage jewelry, advent to important themes comparable to the loose electron laser and the beam-beam interplay. awareness is paid to derivation of the action-angle variables of the part house, as the transformation is critical for realizing complex themes similar to the collective instability and nonlinear beam dynamics. each one part is by means of workouts, that are designed to augment thoughts and to resolve practical accelerator layout difficulties.

Readership: Accelerator, high-energy, nuclear, plasma and utilized physicists.

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CHAPTER 2. 24) where j is the imaginary number. Normally the normalization constant Bo is chosen as the main dipole field strength such that 60 = 1. Thus we have Bob0 = - ( B p ] / p , where B p is the momentum rigidity of the beam, p is the bending radius, and bo = 1. 26) with - 1 n- an=--l 1 P B , Bon! 26) ,=+=o where bn,an are called 2(n + 1)th rnultipole coefficients with dipole 60, dipole roll ao, quadrupole bl, skew quadrupole a l , sextupole 6 2 , skew sextupole u2' e t ~ The . 10). 27) is called the Beth repre- Equation of Betatron Motion Disregarding the effect of synchrotron motion (see Sec.

Thus Eqs. 32) are Hill’s equations with periodic boundary conditions. The solution of Hill’s equation satisfies the Floquet theorem, to be discussed in next section. 1 1. In the Fkenet-Serret coordinate systeni (2,9, i ) ,transverse rriagnetic fields are B1 1 - 1 aA, + z / p az - I _ _ _ _ _ 1 ’ B 1 = - 1 8A, + z / p i)z . Derive Eq. 28) from the Hamiltoriiari of Eq. 19). 2. Derive Eq. 28) through ttie following geometric argument. Let ( 2 , 3 , i ) he local polar coordinates inside a dipolc. The particle coordinate is F= ( p + z)?

E. ds = pd0. (b) Using dp'ldt = ev' x 2, with 6 = Bz? + B,i, show that where Bp = y m v , / e is the momentum rigidity and v, is the longitudinal velocity. (c) Transform the time coordinate to the longitudinal distance s with ds = pd0= pv,dt/(p + x), and show that P+X x" - - -B( Z1 + P2 BP 2 2 -) , P and where the prime is the derivative with respect to s. 3. Inside the vacuum chamber of an accelerator, we have V x 6 = 0 and V x E' = 0. xhus the electfic field and magnetic field can be expanded by scalar potentials with B = -V@,,E = -V@,, where both scalar potentials satisfy the Laplace equation with V2@, where @ stands for either a, or aPe = 0.

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