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By Robert Fitzgerald

Aleister Crowley's imprecise Liber 231 continues to be one in all his so much enigmatic got magical texts, and one whose genesis at once issues the workings of astral magic and trance-mediumship. a meeting of mask is the summation of direct magical workings with the Genii of the Domes, the spirits governing the printed secret of Liber 231, and serving because the wards of the foremost Arcana of the Tarot. Fulfilled via the writer over a interval of a decade, the twenty-two evocations of the Genii of the Domes demonstrate a patterning of energy and gnosis heretofore little-explored within the perform of the paintings Magical. The publication commences with the author's advent, entitled "By Seal and Sphere: A Treatise on Astral Magic". the guts of the paintings is created from twenty-two oracles, each one of that's followed through a observation and a distinct Queen Scale sigil derived from the paintings. The e-book additionally comprises a number of illustrations by way of artist-author Barry William Hale of Fulgur restricted. Of curiosity to students of Thelema and practitioners of ceremonial magic, accumulating stands as an outré magical checklist of the Divinatory paintings

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Notation of lacunae in the speech of each genii is provided by the Scribe, in both the Methodology appendix, as well as in the Commentary sections of the present chapter. This is most notable when, on the rare occasion, a genius became incommunicable or else refused conversation by setting veils before the Seer. For the most part, however, the Oracles as given represent the actual voice and 'forth-speaking' of each genius, in their own right. Any poetic adaptation is purely the result of the process of communicative 'interweave' with each genii's intelligence.

It is the perfect balance of the One with the Nought. It is the ecstasy raised between Asa and Asi which is named upon their lips and consumed upon their tongues. But all this matter isfar from thee, little spark. The Maid and the Man are One by the Light of the Crown and the reflection oj which you speak is but the mirror of your own mind. Yet they lie above the Abyss and the Master has written that Contradiction is Unity thereof The Crocodile is the Servant and Ox-goad of them both, yet neither as Sebek.

It also opened a direct portal to those worlds through which the Elder Gods, the Gods-before-the-gods-of-men made entrance into the realms of matter. Some adepts have claimed that Daath is the home of the original serpent, the Great Redeemer and of the World of the Shells, the Qlippoth. As the eleventh sphere they are correct in this supposition, as eleven is the number of the Qlippoth. But this has little to do with reality, since Daath is not a sephira, proper. The subject is indeed dense. I suggest the works of Gerald Massey and Godfrey Higgi n s t o those interested in the subject, especially the Pole star and the Stellar Dragon.

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