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By Ryan K. Balot

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Includes 34 essays from top students in historical past, classics, philosophy, and political technology to light up Greek and Roman political suggestion in all its range and intensity. deals a huge survey of historical political idea from Archaic Greece via past due AntiquityApproaches historical political philosophy from either a normative and old focusExamines Greek and Roman political inspiration inside of historical Read more...


includes 34 essays from major students in background, classics, philosophy, and political technological know-how to light up Greek and Roman political proposal in all its range and depth. Read more...

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Nic. Nicomachean Ethics Gen. an. De generatione animalium Hist. an. Historia animalium 30 Part. an. De partibus animalium Pol. Politics Rhet. Rhetoric Aristid. Or. Aristides, Orationes Arr. Arrian Anab. Anabasis Asc. … Cl. Asconius, ed. A. C. Clark (Oxford Classical Text, 1907) Athen. Athenaeus August. Augustine b. conjug. De bono coniugali c. Faustum Conf. Contra Faustum Manicheum Confessions De civ. D. De civitate Dei (City of God) En. Ps. Enarrationes in Psalmos Epistulae Ep. Gn. litt. De Genesi ad litteram lib.

Neocon-servatives in the United States see a state role for enforcing “family values” and patriotic virtues (Berns 2001; cf. Nussbaum and Cohen 2002), while “communitarians” and liberals alike have argued for the social and political benefits of cultivating virtues of character (Bellah et al. 1985; Dagger 1997). The foregoing examples represent merely a few of the diverse functions to which virtue has been put in modern European and North American theory and practice. Obviously, the horizon of this discussion could be vastly extended if we should turn to the history of Asian or Mddle Eastern practices of virtue.

Epitome Eur. Euripides Heracl. Heraclidae Hipp. Hippolytus IA Iphigenia Aulidensis Supp. Supplices (Suppliants or Suppliant Women) FGrH F. ), Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker (Berlin: Weidmann; Leiden: Brill, 1923–64) Fior. L. Annaeus Florus fr. fragment frr. fragments Gai. Inst Gaius, Institutiones Hdt. Herodotus Hes. Hesiod Op. Opera et dies (Works and Days) Theog. Theogony Hippoc. Aer. Hom. Hippocrates De aera, aquis, locis (On Airs, Waters, Places) Homer 36 Il. Iliad Od. Odyssey Hyp.

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